Welcome to Ezy Paws subscription service for easy, reliable delivery of pet food and health products.   We bring you the best of what is available out there, and will add more on request. Just contact us if you'd like to see a product here.

We're different because we treat your subscription like there is a human being at the other end, not just money. We contact you before we send your next order and you can alter or cancel your order at anytime. If you push an order back or bring one forward, we work with you to get the timing right this time and in to the future.

No more lugging heavy food or litter, running out, or overstocking. Our aim is to get it right for you so that you can place your order, sit back and relax. Your order will arrive on time, in good condition, containing the high quality product you expect.

It's so easy to become a subscriber and take the irritation out of finding, buying, and carting pet food home for your furry friend.