Ezy Paws is a proudly Australian-owned family business spanning two generations. We entered this business because we are passionate about animals and about service.

When setting up our first pet food supplies business we found that sourcing good quality pet food supplies quite difficult.  There was no shortage of non-differentiating and generic food.  After some extensive searching we think we have come up with the best range of food and medicines available

So we’ve used our strength in logistics to rethink our entire approach to wholesale. Our service offer now emphasises rapid and regular order fulfilment direct to you.

Ruth and Sheldon White are the main owners behind Ezy Paws. Ruth has been a keen and committed pet owner and advocate for pets throughout her life. Sheldon is also an animal lover and has a long career in major service delivery businesses both online and face-to-face. Ruth provides the animal knowledge and safety assessment and Sheldon and the rest of the team works mainly on systems and service delivery.